(Live Monitoring of Vital Facilities)

Shrinkage is problematic, often leading to revenue loss. It is very important to curb and eventually put a stop to it. Securens' ACTIEYE monitors premises 24/7. Till date, it is proven to be the best available solution for monitoring large premises that require the highest level of surveillance. Manned security guarding is an expensive option for securing premises. ACTIEYE effectively replaces man guards by monitoring sites in real-time, thus helping organisations to be safe while saving money. Securens' ACTIEYE is based on outsourced model, hence organisations don't need to bear any capital expenditure and can avail it at a fixed monthly service fee.

ACTIEYE is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently monitor your premises through CCTV Monitoring, thereby reducing the cost of manual guarding. The best available solution to monitor large premises that require high level of Surveillance like ports, factories, buildings & under construction sites etc.

ActiEye - CCTV Monitoring