(Preventing Shrinkage in Warehouses, Retail Outlets & Stores)

Reduce shrinkages dramatically

One of the key challenges that the Retail Industry and Warehouses face today is a lack of information and awareness about the health and status of the CCTVs installed in their premises. This unawareness results in drastic, uncontrolled and ever-increasing pilferages, a security risk they can't afford to take. Hence, a look out for an effective solution that curtails this serious security risk and resolves this critical issue.

Securens ACTISHRINK MANAGE is a wholesome service that's designed to reduce pilferages in Retail Outlets and Warehouses. Securens ACTISHRINK MANAGE has a consultative approach that's tailor-made for each Retail Outlet and Warehouse. An expert understanding and study on the existing Surveillance measures and procedures is the basis of the implementation of Securens ACTISHRINK MANAGE.

CCTV Monitoring

ACTISHRINK MANAGE believes in getting to the root of the problem and resolving it. Aiding retail outlets and warehouses to keep pilferage at bay, Securens follows a stringent process:


Basis the study results and expert understanding, CCTVs are installed in strategic locations to cover suspected areas of pilferages. The number of cameras and monitoring executives are over-engineered.


These CCTVs are connected to Securens Central Command Center, where another team of experts trained to detect pilferages monitor the premises like a hawk.


During the first month, Securens only detects pilferages, it does not stop them. This is because in this phase, Securens is detecting and understanding the various means in which pilferages occur in your premises, how it is done, its various methods, areas from where pilferage occur, unhealthy collaborations if any and procedural lapses if any etc.


At the end of this process, which lasts for a month, Securens presents various ways in which pilferages occur in each retail outlet and a solution to combat it, both electronic and procedural. The outcome is an action plan that results in dramatic reduction of pilferages.