(Preventing In Transit Shrinkages)

Reduce in transit shrinkages to almost zero

Monitoring the movement of vehicles is critical for businesses such as cash management, logistic companies & schools. Vans are required to follow specific routes every day and even the slightest deviation in the route has to be notified to the respective authorities. Securens provides ACTITRACK Service that records and captures the running of these vehicles through vigilant Video Surveillance System, with a view to ensuring that no outward incidents occur.

LIVE Video Monitoring

Vehicles are equipped with cameras to capture any unforeseen activities, this is essential to monitor school children travelling in bus. Vans are monitored 'LIVE' throughout the journey.

Actitrack- Video Surveillance System

Route Tracking

Securens records the movement of vehicles from the beginning till the end of the route. With GPS tracking, Securens sends alerts in case there are any route deviations by vehicles.


Panic Switch

Panic Switch is of a great help in case if an emergency situation arises. E.g. If a vehicle faces an emergency situation like accident or robbery, the driver or the passengers can press the Panic Switch, after which Securens informs the relevant authorities like Police, Ambulance or Towing Service etc. seeking help.

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ACTITrackis applicable for: