To ensure high reliability, Securens has designed and implemented a state-of-the-art, highly redundant & fail-safe architecture. This is akin to any bank's highly reliable infrastructure for core banking. Securens believes that having a strong and reliable infrastructure of systems and network is paramount to the success of E-Surveillance Solution.

Securens is equipped with a robust infrastructure that is the key reason for its success.

  • CMS Software on Redundant Servers. If Primary Server fails, the Secondary Server takes over Immediately with No Downtime
  • Tiered Data Storage on SAN Architecture
  • Tie up with multiple ISP to ensure PAN India Connectivity & High Availability
  • Highly Fault Tolerant Servers with Hot Redundancy
  • Multiple Backhaul with Auto Switchover Feature
  • Core Network on 10 Gigabytes with Unified Threat Management for Devices to Monitor the Gateways
  • Highly Virtualised Infrastructure on Hyper-V, VMware
  • Environment Control & Monitoring in place to Ensure High Availability of Power, Cooling, Fire & Suppression