Self-Respect Is Crucial For Happiness & Leads to Self-Discipline

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Self-Respect Is Crucial For Happiness

Self-respect means having pride and confidence in yourself and behaving with grace, honor and dignity.

Self-respect forms the foundation of all the decisions you’ll ever make, how you treat yourself, and how you allow others to treat you.

Unfortunately, while growing up, everyone repeatedly told you to respect others. And because of this, you may have became obsessed with pleasing everyone else, putting yourself last, as you were told self-importance was wrong.

You might even start to confuse self-respect with over-confidence or having an inflated ego, but that’s not accurate. And new research indicates that self-respect is crucial for happiness.

When you lack Self Respect?

  1. You’re the doormat
  2. You lose yourself in a relationship
  3. You are attention seeking
  4. You overindulge in bad habits
  5. You care for people who don’t care for you
  6. You tolerate verbal, mental or physical abuse
  7. You become untidy and sloppy
  8. You are a puppet

Why Self-Respect Is Important?

  1. Self-respect exhibits toughness and moral nerve.

You will display strong character with the willingness to accept responsibility for your own life, and you’ll fight for your values and beliefs, no matter what. This will make everyone else take note and admire your courage.

  1. Self-respect makes you a better person and partner.

If you respect yourself, you believe you’re a worthy individual. And when you feel worthy, you believe you are deserving of love and respect. And when you command respect from others around you, they’d start to appreciate you more and take you more seriously.

  1. No more need for comparisons.

When you love yourself you feel good, you value your attributes, your talents, your skills, and your abilities. Which means that you never compare yourself to others, and you don’t feel jealous when others shine in their own way.

Ways to Respect Yourself More

  1. Respect your beliefs and values
  2. Respect your body
  3. Respect your environment & opportunities
  4. Respect your Interest & boundaries
  5. Respect your fears, failures & weakness
  6. Respect your time & honesty
  7. Respect elderly advice
  8. Respect your goals and dreams
  9. Respect your needs first
  10. Respect your word & actions
  11. Respect your accountability and responsibility
  12. Respect your thoughts & feelings
  13. Respect the company of respectful people
  14. Respect your new confidence
  15. Respect acceptance

So, in the end it boils down to this: accept yourself, respect your efforts, and you will in the end respect yourself. And self-respect leads to self-discipline.  And that’s real power !