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Personal milestone
When a company is established, the first thing it needs to define for itself is its vision and mission. Just like an organization has milestones and goals to accomplish, it’s important for its employees to have a personal vision; like what do you want to achieve and where do you see yourself going.Having goals motivates you to do better and to be better. It challenges you and you always come out growing into a stronger, smarter individual at the end. Personal milestones are beneficial to a company as well. A motivated workforce is an asset that will constantly question itself, innovate and grow. And as the workforce grows, so does the company.Benefits of personal goals: for the employee

  1. Self-rewarding experience as reaching the goal motivates you to keep going and keep expecting better for yourself
  2. Leads to learning, better focus and a career growth curve that otherwise wouldn’t be possible
  3. Goals can be multi-dimensional – they don’t need to pertain to your career only. For example having a good work life balance is rewarding both personally and professionally
  4. You can inspire others to follow in your footsteps


Benefits of personal goals: for the company

  1. Personal drive to achieve cannot be taught. A self-motivated employee will ensure he is learning every day which leads to exploration of opportunities both for the employee and the company
  2. Working harder, smarter and goal-oriented employees improves overall productivity
  3. Boosts the morale of others and sets an example for them to kick start their personal growth
  4. Such employees can then be groomed for vital leadership roles

Goals serve a two-fold purpose. One it helps you stay focussed and disciplined. Two accomplishing the goal gives you an intrinsic and extrinsic reward. Growth-oriented staff leads to company growth and vice versa.