Now a simple way to secure your small retail outlets

Retail Security


Advancing technology has ensured improved ways to secure smaller assets like ATMs, boutiques, grocery stores, small retail outlets etc. But the sophistication of this technology has also ensured that the criminal too has become sophisticated.

While video analytics, CCTV cameras and sensors detect unauthorized intrusion, have made the security of these assets manageable, there are still crimes happening. So what can you do?


Securens’ first hybrid intrusion alarm panel integrates video analytics with reliable sensor technology. It not only detects crime, but also does video verification and the 2-way audio system ensure that immediate steps are taken to deter crime as well.


By combining all surveillance technologies of intrusion alarm panel, analytics, CCTVs and sensors, SIMPLISECURE is able to detect and deter:

  1. Multiple people loitering
  2. Camera masking and video loss
  3. A person entering the back room
  4. A person lingering in front of the ATM or to the sides



  1. As soon as a sensor is tripped during an attempted burglary, a loud siren sounds
  2. A message is simultaneously sent to Securens’ Central Alarm Monitoring Station
  3. Once the alert is received, one of the executives immediately uses the video verification to identify if the alarm is real. In case of a false alert, the alarm is closed with appropriate comments
  4. In case of a real alarm, the executive uses the 2-way audio system to issue commands to the burglars to leave the premises immediately
  5. Knowing that they have been caught, the burglars exit the premises, thus deterring attempted crime

SIMPLISECURE is powered by video analytics to deliver unparalleled deterrence capabilities. It is available for a fixed monthly service fee.