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Installation & maintenance



Installation & maintenance
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Securens Solutions

ACTIDETER® for Branches

Intrusion detection of Retail Outlets using Intrusion Alarm panel with ‘ACTIVEDETERRENCETM’ technology where, the burglary is not only detected instantly as it happens but is also deterred immediately using Video Verification, Lights and Sound.
99% Detection and Deterrence Rate. Saves 60% of security costs.

ACTIALERT® for Retail

Secures entrances of Retail Outlets using ACTIDETERRENCETM – A technology where, a human intrusion is not only detected instantly using video analytics but is also deterred immediately using Video Verification, Lights and Sound.
99% Detection and Deterrence Rate. Saves 60% of security costs.

ACTIAUDIT® for Retail

Electronically audit 24-hour footage of shop floor activities up to 4 times a month to check adherence to SoPs. Your electronic Audit Team
Ensure strict compliance to SoPs. Increase efficiency. Protect Brand Value.

ACTIANALYTICS® for Retail Outlets

This will avoid unnecessary mishaps in Retail Outlets due to persons not wearing PPE by giving instant alerts to Floor Manager.
Save Lives. Save Production Time. Increase Compliance.


Remotely activate the shutter for opening and closing from a single command from Securens Mobile APP. No risk of keys with employees.
Ensure reduced risk. Sets you free from opening & closing duties.

PAN India Service & Installation

Organizations have found that having to deal with a multitude of vendors to install & maintain CCTVs across India was taking too much of their productive time for such a non-productive related issue. Many suppliers sub-contracted the work to their franchises of uncertain capabilities.


Monitoring the health of your existing e-surveillance equipment at all your PAN India outlets and also providing you with a single partner for comprehensive AMC across India.
Ensure health of surveillance equipment. Comprehensive AMC with Single PAN India Partner. No Cost overruns.


A versatile mobile APP to see sites LIVE, to instantly get incident video on demand, to check status of all your surveillance equipment, check status of your tickets and much more.
Power at your fingertips. Saves Time.

Securens Versatile Mobile APP

In this era of Mobility, Securens has the most advanced and versatile Mobile App in the industry.
Versatile Mobile App

Why Securens?

Why Securens?

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