Securing the ATM: Part II – Solution: What can be done?

Securing the ATM
ATMs were originally brought in to reduce the pressure on bank branches struggling to serve their many customers. Since its inception however, the role and services provided by ATMs have significantly evolved. It is no longer a simple cash-dispensing instrument but can be used for marketing, information dissemination, withdrawals and deposits, international remittances and the list is endless.As the network of ATMs has expanded, so have the threats associated with them. In Part I: Types of ATM attacks*, we saw that ATM attacks are broadly divided into three categories: burglaries, frauds and robberies. As a result of all the criminal activity surrounding ATMs, the investment in capital and resources to prevent ATM attacks have multiplied.What can you do?As an ATM user, you can take the following precautions to ensure you’re not a victim of ATM frauds:

  1. Set-up the alert system provided by your bank for every type of transaction
  2. Monitor your bank statements
  3. Change your ATM pins and passwords periodically
  4. Use ATMs attached to bank branches as they have better security
  5. Destroy old / unused ATM cards
  6. Wait for the transaction to complete before leaving the ATM premises

The Securens Approach

With Securens’ 5th Generation e-surveillance system of Active Deterrence, we monitor your ATM premises day and night. Our powerful video verification and two-way audio not only detects any intrusion but also attempts to prevent it immediately.

A few of our tailor-made solutions for ATM  Surveillance:


  1. ACTIDETER – prevent crime before it happens using video verification & 2-way audio 24X7. Save upto 60% of cost of guarding.

2. ACTIHEALTH – supply, installation & commissioning of surveillance equipment in premises & ensure Adherence to Brand SOPs through monitoring.

  1. ACTICARE – automatic health check-up of surveillance systems. Securens ensures all your CCTVs & other surveillance systems are in working condition.

For more information on Active Deterrence, Please refer our ACTIBlog