Two sure-shot ways to detect, alert & deter safety non-compliance

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Video Analytics

Every year, workers sustain horrific injuries that include having limbs amputated, being crushed, fractures, electrocution, burns etc. The blame comes squarely on Management despite having very good safety procedure and Personal Protective Equipment in place.

But, are these being followed diligently? Are your monitoring mechanisms very good?

Personal monitoring by supervisors has seen to be ineffective & inefficient. They can’t have eyes everywhere simultaneously. Every year, workers are still seriously injured or killed at the plants. Time has come to adopt technology.

This article will help you take steps to not only to detect but also to alert & deter non-compliance of the safety procedures that you have developed. This would be your most useful and invaluable tool. Imagine the Peace of Mind!

There are two ways to detect, alert & deter non-compliance. Both need to be used.

1. Use of Video Analytics

Video Analytics (VA) is a powerful tool for safety managers. Video Analytics will instantly detect a person not wearing protective gears like helmet, gloves etc and send mobile alerts to the designated manager for immediate correction. VA can also detect persons dangerously near a restricted area like Nitrogen/fuel storage area or a dangerously near an equipment and can take deterrence actions like starting a siren followed with instant Mobile alert.

This by itself will reduce the chances of a hazardous safety incident substantially.

2. Use of regular In-Camera Audits

In-Camera audits are the second powerful measure that you can take. In-Camera audits are audits taken on camera of every area where safety is of critical importance. During this In-Camera audit, an operator will regularly view on camera every critical area to detect non-compliance of safety procedures and will follow up with an escalation procedure on detection. This In-Camera audit can be scheduled multiple times a day.

When people know that they are being monitored they will be on the best of behavior and would follow all procedures diligently.

Deploying both, the Video Analytics and In-Camera Audits will definitely reduce the chances of hazardous safety incidents to near zero.

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