Artificial Intelligence (AI) primed to revolutionize the surveillance landscape

Artificial Intelligence in surveillance
The Indian surveillance market is seeing unprecedented growth in recent years with a 27.16% CAGR. The digitization and innovation in this field is further igniting this growth which is expected to treble its market growth to a $2.4 billion industry*!  So what is fuelling this growth?Artificial Intelligence has grown with leaps and bounds. From being a marketing gimmick to innovation, research and development and major breakthroughs in medical care, AI may soon become a game changer for surveillance, especially in the field of video surveillance.How will AI change the surveillance landscape?

  1. One of the biggest drawbacks/challenges of modern surveillance is the element of human error. No matter how sophisticated your technology, attention fatigue can lead to missing out on crucial details which can lead to the crippling of the system. But what if the system monitoring the surveillance footage does not get distracted and does its work tirelessly? This is the advantage that AI provides for video surveillance.
  2. Recent innovations in surveillance, network, security and solutions provided are reducing costs of equipment and improving their effectiveness. With removal of blind spots and 360 degree offerings in CCTV cameras, it means video analytics can now provide powerful insights. AI can build use cases for surveillance systems proactively, without being told what to do, making it more efficient and thus effective.
  3. Facial recognition, a crucial by-product of video analytics again requires a person to recognize another person in order to be helpful. But with the help of AI and available video footage, it can be taught to recognize a whole database of people, making finding a suspect easier.
  4. The ultimate aim for surveillance, video analytics and the deployment of surveillance solutions is not to only thwart crime but to proactively deter crime as well. This means that AI can aid real-time responses to crime.

With security becoming the latest buzzword, it is heartening to see how AI, tech advances and innovations can lead to better surveillance and thus better safety.