The Secret Ingredient to Securens’ Success

The Secret Ingredient to Securens’ Success cover
Five years since its inception, Securens has become a market leader in the e-surveillance industry, making daily strides to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. But how did we change the game?Securens’ game changer strategyIt is never one thing that results in change. It is the cumulative effect of many things coming together to reach a tipping point. Our “game changer” strategy was to replace security personnel as the first line of defence and substitute it with technology-based remote surveillance and active deterrence that offers:

  1. Reduced downtime
  2. Increased vigilance
  3. Reduced costs and
  4. Enhanced efficiency in deterrence

How did we ensure this?

SaaS it up!

Offering our solutions as a SAAS model proved to be a masterstroke, wherein the customer had to pay no upfront costs for assets, and could immediately begin to derive benefits of the system.

Proof of concept

Our solutions are priced at a fraction of the costs of man-guard ensuring that our clients benefited substantially from the changeover. And we still offer proof of concept and demonstrate the efficiency, reliability, and credibility of our system.

R&D ensured constant disruption

Innovation and disruption are the cornerstones of Securens’ DNA. Thanks to constant R&D, we have added services and end users, and also remained ahead of the curve when it came to competition.

Employee first

With our “Employee First” philosophy, we go beyond the contract when it comes to helping and encouraging our team members. We have consistently enabled them to pursue further studies, learn new skills and have a secured life with healthcare and following a tradition of promoting from within as far as possible.

Our success formula is right technology that is workable, credible and reliable coupled with skilled people, offering our service at an attractive price point with high levels of efficiency.

And this for us is “gaming the change.”