CAMS: A Panoramic View of E-Surveillance

‘Surveillance’ comes from a French phrase for ‘watching over.’ Its purpose is to monitor activities, actions, or behaviour for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing or protecting your premises, human life and brand value.Surveillance encompasses

  1. Observation from a distance by the means of electronic equipment such as CCTV cameras, MIC, Siren & Speaker or
  2. Interception of electronically transmitted information

Surveillance is used by various segments for:

  1. Intelligence gathering,
  2. Prevention of crime,
  3. Protection of a process, person, group or object
  4. Investigation of crime

The Securens approach

At Securens, we provide state-of-the-art command centre with 5th generation technology, monitoring sectors such as Banking, Food and Beverage, Retail and Logistics 24/7/365.

The team endeavours to live up to the company’s mission statement, which also happens to be the monitoring mission statement: Prevent Crime Before It Happens!

The highly competent and central monitoring executives, are exclusively & professionally trained to detect suspects, catastrophes and take timely corrective action in preventing crime/incidents.

Securens Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS)

Securens has pioneered Active Deterrence & Video Verification with 2-Way Audio Systems in India. The team monitors 22,000+ sites and have deterred 2,993+ incidents as of June 2017 from its award winning Command Centre.

The central monitoring executive (CME) strives to provide services such as:

  1. Live monitoring
  2. Alert-based monitoring
  3. Health check-up of surveillance systems
  4. Hygiene check of premises
  5. Monitor employee behaviour
  6. Monitor, manage and optimise energy consumption
  7. Provide analytics
  8. Detect and deter incidents such as burglary, fire, unauthorized entry in premises, and pilferage
  9. Escalation of an incident to law enforcement agencies