Get Smart!

smart surveillance
From analogue to digital, HD resolution to wireless systems the surveillance technology has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to grow every day. As a result of the evolving needs, flexible and smart systems are being designed to cater to a site’s unique needs. With the help of this smart technology, one is able to communicate the needs, thus improving how businesses operate. The RationaleTraditionally, in order to take advantage of real-time video data, one needs personnel to monitor security cameras on a round-the-clock basis. While this requires huge investments in personnel, there is also the risk of greater human error.

With video analytics, video footage can be analysed in real-time to detect abnormalities, potentially harmful situations, unusual behaviour, etc. that may be a threat to the organization, that a personnel alone may not detect.

For example, while personnel may miss an unauthorized access due to poor lighting, a night vision camera backed with an intelligent video analytics system can capture the security breach. Such systems improve operational efficiency, response time and human accuracy.

The purpose then of smart video surveillance is equip the decision-makers by collecting real-time video-data automatically.

The Approach

Video analysis has three parts:

  1. Detection and tracking
  2. Facial recognition
  3. Large-scale surveillance systems that secure entire premises

While traditional systems focus more on mitigating loss and responding to alerts of untoward incidents, intelligent video analytics empowers you to prevent these incidents before they can occur.

Securens’ SaaS-based video surveillance services along with business intelligence and analytics do just that. The Active Monitoring System integrates Alarm Technology with On-Site Surveillance System that actively deters crimes and reduces incidents and property damage.