E-Surveillance Essentials: CCTVs (Part I)

Securens Surveillance Essentials

Does the sight of a surveillance camera pointing prevent a criminal from breaking into a building? The answer is probably not for a seasoned burglar. The Burglary is planned with cameras in mind. As long as the criminal has his or her face covered to prevent being identified, most of them will go ahead with their misdeed.Here we talk about essentials in surveillance:

Surely, CCTVs are necessary.

  1. CCTVs can be a valuable tool to document a criminal act and identifying the perpetrators at a later time.
  2. If people spot CCTVs on your premises then they will think twice before attempting any criminal activity. This means there will be less of a chance of shoplifting, thefts and other crimes occurring, and if any of this does happen then you will be given clear footage that you can present to the police as evidence
  3. CCTV can also help reduce your liability in case of disputes. With cameras recording the whole incident you will be able to prove that allegations are false.

However for the ultimate goal to prevent a crime from happening in the first place, CCTVs by itself falls short. It cannot prevent a crime – It only records a crime.

The Alarm System

The Alarm System is yet another tool that helps protect the premises. An Alarm System connects to various sensors connected to Shutter, Doors, Windows, and Safes to detect unusual activity. The door open sensor will alert you of a door opening when it should have not. A Shutter sensor will alert you of a Shutter opening when it should have not. A Glass Break sensor will alert you of a Glass break incident. A Thermal sensor will alert you of a Gas Cutting attempt on your safe. A Vibration sensor will alert you of a Drilling or Hammering attack on your safe. A Motion sensor will alert you of a Motion in your premises when it was not expected.

These alerts are transmitted to you through a SMS or Voice Message. SMS is an unreliable mode of communication for such an important event. A Voice clipping alerting you of an incident cannot give you details and cannot answer any of your concerns.

However for the ultimate goal to prevent a crime from happening in the first place, Alarm Systems by itself falls short. It cannot prevent a crime – It only Alerts of a crime.

To prevent a Crime from happening, you need a robust E-Surveillance System with Active Deterrence.

The Active Deterrence System

The Active Deterrence System integrates the CCTVs, Alarm System and a 2-Way Audio System to prevent a crime from happening.

When a Burglary is attempted at premises, the Alarm System generates an alert and the siren goes off. This alert is immediately transmitted to a Central Alarm Monitoring centre through wireless communication. As soon as the Central Alarm Monitoring Centre executives receive the alert, simultaneously the Video of the Site starts. The executive will then use 2-Way audio to command the burglar in a powerful voice to leave the premises. In their command, they make sure that the Burglar understands that, he is clearly identified and being watched LIVE, by addressing the Burglar by the colour of the dress that he is wearing. E.g.: “Attention! The Man with the Green Shirt and hammer in the hand; you have been identified and Police have been informed. Leave the premises immediately!”

When a Burglar hears this powerful voice that has clearly identified him and is being watched LIVE, the Burglar runs away immediately. This is proven time and again with 100% success.

The Cost

This powerful, successful, credible and reliable Active Deterrence System comes at 1/5th the cost of Manned Security.


A remotely Active Deterrence system allows the premises to be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CCTVs alone cannot prevent a crime – Only Records a Crime.

Alarm Systems alone cannot prevent a crime – Only Alerts of a crime.

An Active Deterrence System not only records a Crime and alerts you of a Crime but most importantly, Prevents a Crime from happening much more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of man guarding