SaaS it up!

SaaS Image

Software as a service or SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the internet. Think of all the web-based software you use – Hotmail, Office 365, Gmail, etc. – and you will have a decent idea of what SaaS looks like.

The biggest pay-off of using a SaaS-based application is that you don’t need to buy, install or maintain clunky software. All the middleware, infrastructure, app software and data are located in the service provider’s centralized database. You just need an internet connection, web browser and subscription to the application.

The hardware and software in this scenario is the responsibility of the service provider who will ensure the availability of the app and the security of your data. SaaS allows your organization to be up and running the app with minimal upfront investment.

saas-02Surveillance systems have received an upgrade from the previous passive monitoring to intelligent recognition, awareness and analytics. Alert monitoring, live site and remote monitoring, scheduled motion-based monitoring, video analytics, etc. are the new-age methods of deterring crime and securing the premises. All this requires infrastructure and investment.

To deliver unprecedented deterrence capabilities and business analytics, credibility, reliability and efficiency of the e-surveillance delivery partner has to be established and demonstrated. With our SaaS-based e-surveillance products and services, you can now view the health of your CCTV cameras, video recording, remote viewing, alerts, e-check of retail outlets to monitor if stated parameters are being flouted, etc. in a neat dashboard.

Our SaaS-based products not only help you to save money spent on unreliable and inefficient guards, but also save capital. Based on organizational requirements, our team customizes analytics that are unique to your organization and thus can be put to use seamlessly.