Ensuring safety that is on-the-go

Ensuring safety that is on-the-go cover

The need

Electronics surveillance & security systems that do not upscale with the changing requirements are not doing its job properly. En-route vehicles like school buses, cash vans, logistics vans etc. are challenged with a unique range of security issues, ranging from accidents, vandalism, misbehaviour, pilferage and assault of employees. Relying solely on GPS Tracking Systems is a very unreliable measure.

Vehicles are protected in the premises thanks to the surveillance there. But what about when they are on the move; how do you ensure safety en-route?

What they require is a more specific type of safety, safety that is on the move, safety that reduces transit risk.

The solution

With Securens’ en-route E-Surveillance solution ACTITRACK, sectors like schools, banking, retail, warehousing and healthcare etc. can be ensured that their vehicles, employees and students are effectively protected day and night at a reasonable fee. Securens ACTITRACK is a planned and customised solution for en-route vehicles. It not only identifies any accidents but also ensures timely deterrence of such incidents, thus protecting your assets.

The approach


  1. Live video monitoring to capture any unforeseen activities – essential when children are travelling in school busses. Monitoring is done ‘LIVE’ as the vehicles are on the move
  2. Route tracking using GPS from beginning to destination to ensure there are no route deviations. Securens will send an alert in case of any changes to track – essential while dealing with transit shrinkage
  3. Panic switch to call for help in an emergency situation of accident, robbery, etc. If the employee presses the panic switch, the alert is sent to Securens’ monitoring centre which will then inform the relevant authorities to get help