The Gold Rush: Beware

Gold Robbery

For centuries, gold has been associated with money – as an exchange system for trade and commerce. It was only after the Second World War that our current exchange system was created. Even so, gold hasn’t lost its charm or hold on people.

The gold market is rich and diverse: gold is mined on almost every continent, shipped around the world and sold to a variety of consumers – banks and financial institutes, retail investors and jewellers. Gold is constantly on the move, being designed and redesigned as per the needs of the end user.

The need

According to the World Gold Council, about 17.8% of the total gold ever mined is owned by the central banks of the world. India has the tenth largest gold holdings in the world*. As such, gold loan and microfinance companies are prone to thefts.

Though these companies invest in CCTV cameras and man-guarding, the health of these cameras is often overlooked and guards are more often than not become a source of liability. Sometimes the robbery occurs at gunpoint in which case guards cannot do much. In other scenarios, the guard is the mastermind behind the theft.

The approach

At Securens, we protect what matters to you the most. Our 360⁰ tailor-made surveillance solutions for Z zone areas assist gold loan and microfinance companies and jewellery stores to keep any untoward incidents at bay in all branches.

Surveillance solutions from Securens include:

      1. Video verification i.e. video surveillance of premises
      2. Two-way Audio to aid communication to establish the authenticity of alerts raised by video surveillance
      3. Intrusion Alarm Monitoring to check unauthorized access
      4. Health check of surveillance systems to ensure all your equipment are in working order
      5. Region of interest to focus on the Z zones