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Business intelligence is a technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting results to decision-makers to help them make informed business decisions.

BI encompasses a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable organizations to:

  1. collect data from internal systems and external sources,
  2. prepare it for analysis,
  3. develop and run queries against the data, and
  4. create reports, dashboards and data visualizations

Surveillance has gone beyond recording of burglar, employee, and customer activities. It can do so much more such as detect and deter crime, video housekeeping, monitoring employee behaviour, people counting, reducing pilferage and so on.

Business Intelligence and analytics play a crucial role in today’s competitive market.  It is a must to maintain and enhance business and brand.

A brief overview of the Securens Approach to Analytics:analytics

    1. Through BI and analytics we have helped retail and QSR brands to identify the shortcomings in their outlets which has helped them take actions to enhance their brand image and thus increase sales
    2. We help business managers in mapping the people flow with sales with respect to days of the week, months, etc.  The analytics also alerts on Q-Length exceeding, unattended PoS systems, heatmaps, etc.
    3. We customise analytics based on each business’ uniqueness. Deterring incidents such as: Banking: burglary, suspicious activity, unauthorized usage, glass break, fire alert. Retail: pilferage, unhygienic premises, unauthorized, suspicious or unethical activity

There is no doubt that Business Intelligence has become one of the most used buzzwords in the modern business landscape. The accessibility to information which can give you quicker responses to your business queries, gain valuable insight into your customer’s behaviour, develop efficiency etc. Securens offers simpler user interfaces and can be operated through any device.