Why the health check-up of e-Surveillance is important?

Warehouse Security CCTV Camera

While we know the importance of e-Surveillance systems, it is also necessary and prudent to know if your CCTV cameras are working or not.

If you are setting up a retail outlet, commercial establishment or a restaurant, you require a clear understanding of an integrated surveillance solutions. Finalising the placement of cameras and mapping the key areas in a store/outlet is very important as it play a vital role in day-today running of businesses.

While the primary objective of these surveillance systems is to protect against potential theft or criminal activity, they can also play an important role in the productivity levels of employees & to maintain hygiene in the premises.

Thus presence of e-Surveillance can provide 360 degree solutions from protecting your assets & information to maintaining your brand image.

Mentioned below are few reasons why you should regularly check the health of your e-Surveillance systems:

Prevent crime/ incident

Prevent pilferage/ shrinkage

To increase customer’s confidence

Acts as forensic data & aid to law enforcement

Protect the well-being of your staff

Monitor high-risk area