How To Decide On A Warehouse Video Surveillance Solution For Your Storage Facility?

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Each and every warehouse is in need of some kind of E-surveillance systems, the reason being that these warehouses hold significant proprietary and monetary value and also because it stores a huge variety of valuables such as commodities. There are other factors that affect the requirements of warehouse surveillance systems such as the size of the warehouse or the number of stores that are present and many other factors that significantly affect and influence the choice of surveillance system.
How can you find the Warehouse Security Solutions to fit your storage facility needs?
Surveillance solutions are used to monitor a variety of different devices and tools which include video surveillance cameras, sensors such as smoke sensor, vibration sensor, motion sensor and access control systems. The security systems installed in larger facilities like warehouses need a much bigger form of monitoring because of a larger number of staff and inventory that needs to be taken care of and protected from any mishaps. One of the most important factors that comes into play is the geographical location of the surveillance system that is installed in the warehouse and also where the warehouse is located. Usually, the warehouses that are located in or around city limits don’t require as much of a stringent security around its perimeters since it is already in an area where the perimeter is well protected and lit up so that the potential of a break in is highly diminished. Securens brings a comprehensive list of automated electronic video surveillance systems for warehouses so that you can completely safeguard your warehouse from unwanted intrusions and criminal activities. The complete toolkit to help you secure your warehouses by Securens consists of: ACTIALERT – Combining video analytics, lights and sounds to deter crimes to secure Dock Gates. ACTIPERIMETER – Using Human detection based intrusion technology to secure warehouse perimeter. ACTIAUDIT – Designed to keep you updated with the loading and unloading activities within your warehouse, this tool helps you electronically audit your 24-hour footage. ACTICARE – This tool helps you to monitor all of your surveillance equipment that you use for your warehouses and is available for all your PAN India outlets. The benefits of using our ACTICARE feature is that we provide you with a single PAN India partner with a comprehensive AMC plan so that you have and can make the most use of all the benefits of convenience. ACTIMOBILE APP – A handy tool at the tips of your finger when you want to track and monitor the premises of your warehouses. With a tap on your screen you can get all the updates LIVE on your app on demand. A great benefit of this app is that because of its connectivity through IoT, you can even check the status of your surveillance systems and equipments, tickets and much more.