What are the Customer Experience benefits gained through Retail Video Analytics?

Securing the Retail Outlet with IoT
Video Analytics plays a key role in many facets of the retail industry, from safeguarding the business from potential threats like shoplifting, break-ins, vandalism or violence within and around the premises, but that is not the sole purpose of Video Analytics for Retail Stores, the modern video surveillance systems come equipped with features and tools that are designed to provide valuable insights, and when running a business it is very important to use information regarding consumer behaviour to your advantage because only converting this essential information into action will you be able to understand and fine-tune your business to enhance its growth potential.Monitoring and understanding consumer behaviour is an important process of building the perfect retail store for your customers to shop at, this can be done by analyzing their buying patterns and ultimately increasing the chances that the customer ends up buying the product is done through effective product placement. Video Surveillance for Retail stores done by electronic surveillance cameras are now a days integrated with artificial intelligence capabilities, this is extremely beneficial for retail store owners as it opens a new dimension of customer insights such as:
  • Improving efficiency at Retail Store: ACTIANALYTICS is a very versatile tool for retail businesses and is designed to solve the following challenges that you are facing currently:
    • You have a medium to large business and keen on various analytics.
    • You want to know how many people are there in your plant in case of fire.
    • You want to count people entering your retail outlet, their gender etc for Business analytics.
    • You want to know the open and close times of your premises.
    • You want to know if the queue length exceeded
    • You want to know if POS counter is unmanned
    • You want to store data at fingertips.
  • People counting: When you want to compare the popularity of your store with your competitors, you can do that by determining how many people consistently visit your store through this feature.
  • Emotion detection: Emotion detection comes into play when shoppers are at the billing counter. This feature can detect their emotions and give you an idea of the happiness of a person during the billing process. Such a feature can be used to determine if the customer is satisfied with your service and if they are likely to return.
  • Gender analytics: Gender analytics becomes important for fashion and garment stores. A camera is installed at the entrance of the store that will count the people coming in and out and their gender
  • Queue length management: Queue cameras can be used to measure the length of the queue. This is especially beneficial during peak hours of the store and when the line exceeds alerts can be sent to the shop floor manager to take necessary action.
  • POS manning: If under some circumstance the POS counter is unmanned, then the use of an installed camera at the billing counter can help by alerting the shop floor manager.
Securens is an E-Surveillance System provider that specializes in designing Security with Business Analytics for small Retail Format using ACTIANALYTICS to take employee safety to the next level by detecting business anomalies instantly and notifying the business manager any time a threat is detected. This feature helps your retail store stay safeguarded from any break ins and criminal activity because you have full access over the premises of the retail store and monitoring any suspicious activity becomes easy to keep track of. Connect with our experts to get your retail business geared up with state of the art surveillance systems.