Preventing Crime Before It Happens!

QSR surveillance
Partnering with Restaurant Owners to protect their hard earned moneyEmployee theft accounts for nearly 75% of restaurant industry losses, or approximately 4% of their annual sales. This has a significant impact on their bottom line, especially in QSRs where the profit margins are wafer thin.The QSR industry has three basic problems – Missing deposits, missing food and violence against employees by customers.The issue of missing deposits, missing food is a significant problem in this industry. They can account to almost 4% of their annual sales.If you are thinking, “I would never let this happen in my restaurant,” think again. According to the 1999 “Survey of Restaurant and Fast Food Employees,” by the National Food Service Security Council, an average employee steals about $218 worth of merchandise each year*. Multiply this with the number of employees you have and the number will blow your mind.

A QSR owner began noticing small amounts of food missing from his restaurant. It was nothing more than a few beverages or a fraction of food, but enough to make him complain to the authorities. After they set up a surveillance equipment, the owner was surprised to discover the thief who was none other than his most trusted employee. A month later, when the losses were totalled, it amounted to anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000.

The need to implement a solution to curb violence and theft in QSRs is particularly significant since they operate late nights, with mostly cash based sales. The QSR Management must install proper measures to protect their employees from harm. If this is missing, the legal implications and the ensuing reputation loss can crush the brand image.

QSRs often make huge investments in their back-end systems, but they neglect to invest in their surveillance systems that protect their hard earned profits. With all this in mind, ‘Preventing
Employee Theft Before It Happens’, might be the best strategy. Keeping quick serve locations safe and secure requires the right mix of cutting-edge technology and basic attention to detail.

E-Surveillance in QSR must be implemented in two rings – Inner Ring and Outer Ring. The inner ring protects the store’s interiors. This means installing surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and also having a well-concealed panic button for security alerts during store working hours. The outer ring involves making sure that the cameras are installed at the entrance, parking lots and at all places which are essential and also that there are adequate outside lighting in all spaces and that the warning signs are prominent.

Video monitoring and surveillance systems are always the best means of securing and protecting QSR premises. Not only can they provide crucial evidence should a security breach occur, but most importantly, offer surveillance cameras and off-site monitoring which are deterrent to potential criminals.


Key components of an E-Surveillance system:
• Adequate Cameras covering the interior of the outlet
• Cameras covering all cash counters
• Mikes to record conversation at cash counters
• Cameras covering the entrance and parking lot
• Intrusion Detection System with Panic Buttons, Smoke Sensors, Backdoor Alarms and Motion Detectors to protect from burglary
• Use of timer lock safes and smart safes
• Prominent warning sign, “This site is under 24 Hours E-surveillance”


When installed properly, a surveillance system will also tie into the burglar alarm system, fire system, the refrigeration, electronically managed equipment and will also check the implementation of brand SOPs of every outlet. This will immensely help in operations as well.
The cost of a surveillance system will never be a cost – It will be a prudent investment to protect bottom line.