Smile, You’re on Camera

Securens CCTV Cameras

Safety has become the most important buzzword in today’s time. Everything we do, right from selecting a place to travel to, to being at the workplace, mall or a restaurant revolves around safety. Whether at home, school or a retail outlet, we are surrounded by safety measures that ensure no untoward incident or harm occurs.

The need

Deterring untoward incident or surveillance isn’t just about safety of the person. It encompasses safety of people, things and places. For an ATM, surveillance is about safety of the machines and customers, for a school, surveillance ensures safety of children and staff; in a retail outlet, it is not only about the safety of staff and customers but also that the customer has a good experience. In a QSR, surveillance makes sure hygiene and brand standards are met. During a public event like Navratri or Kumbh Mela, surveillance ensures everything goes smoothly.

Safety is dependent on anticipating and preventing incidents from occurring and you need a surveillance system to deter crimes/ incidents. Apart from mitigating risks by deterring crime, surveillance is also responsible for detection of incident so that reaction can occur swiftly.

The importance

A hawk-eye view of why surveillance is necessary in today’s age:

  1. Protects the business from crimes, vandals, unauthorized access, etc.
  2. Keeps your employees safe and improves their productivity
  3. Helps retail outlets analyse customer behaviour in order to provide better experience and after-sale services
  4. Improves brand value by ensuring hygiene and brand SOPs are maintained in restaurants
  5. Combats shrinkage and any loss of material that can otherwise be avoided

The approach

While video surveillance is the most popular form of surveillance, there is more to it. At Securens, we have developed special services powered by our years of experience that are tailored as per industry needs which not only provide information but also improves overall business performance and efficiencies.