How To Deter Employee Theft By Using Security Surveillance Systems?

Warehouse Security CCTV Camera

Employee theft indeed is one of the major causes of anxiety for retailers. It is reported that every year retailers lose approximately $50 billion due thefts by in-house employees. It is said that employee’s are the company’s biggest assets but what if that asset itself becomes a liability. It is a real dilemma.

Nevertheless, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Technology is the solution to every problem. Retail Surveillance Camera System can be the best solution.

“You are under Surveillance,”- a simple board with these words can act as a deterrent:

The feeling that somebody is watching you itself creates fear of being caught. Security cameras can be placed at crucial points in stores, warehouses, sales counters and at every entrance and exit. You can watch the footage from any device with an internet connection.

Security cameras help in liability claim:

If you are troubled by false claims done by your employees or customers, then security cameras can help you greatly. You yourself will see a drastic decrease in false claims with 24/7 monitoring and availability of digital footage of any breakages, injuries or accidents. It can save you a lot of money that you drain through worker’s compensation.

Leads to increased safety customers and employees and peace of mind for you:

Installing cameras just above the cash counter areas can aid you in monitoring cash flow transactions, cash counting, or any refunds. The presence of cameras at POS can deter customers as well from committing any fraud or crime. And if at all any crime happens, you will have a clear view of that crime which can help police in solving the crime easily.

Surveillance cameras helps you guard high-value items:

Retailers tend to suffer heavy losses when their high-value items are not guarded appropriately. Stores with tobacco products, alcohol products, expensive watches, etc. can fetch heavy prices in black market. Video Security System and Live Surveillance Monitoring with access control system can provide you with electronic records and digital footage of all those entering and exiting.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras can also help prevent payroll fraud:

Most of the organizations suffer due to this fraud, no matter small or big. Although you can’t prevent it from happening, through CCTV Surveillance Cameras, you can at least catch the culprits. Whenever you come across a certain employee with suspicious in and out timing or working long hours, you can go back and check the video surveillance footage and rectify it.

Given all these above-mentioned challenges, it’s highly advisable that retailers start hiring professional security companies to mitigate employee theft