Why our Perimeter Intrusion detection failed

Why our Perimeter Intrusion detection failed cover

We are a monitoring service company, the largest in India. We were quite exited by the opportunities that Video Analytics offered in the area of security. We enthusiastically ventured into this; ignoring all the hype.

The first experiment – A ‘Region of Interest’ based Perimeter Intrusion detection system.

The vendor said the ‘Region of Interest’ based detection would detect any intruder and would send an alert to our monitoring Centre for further action. We were excited, and, we deployed it for testing.

Result – A Failure: 60% false calls due to all sorts of environment reasons from changing lights to moving leaves. Our monitoring center was flooded by false alerts. This was not tenable. (Unfortunately most installations are these)

The Second experiment – A Video analytics based NVR that detects human before it sends alerts.

The ‘aha’ moment. A Video analytics based NVR that detects human before it sends alerts made sense. False calls would reduce and we would get only true alerts. We were excited, and, we deployed it for testing.

Result – A Failure: Alas, 30% false calls of all sorts due to basic algorithm that was not accurate. Our monitoring center again rejected this solution. This was also not tenable. (Quite expensive but did not deliver the expected results)

The Final experiment – A homegrown Video analytics based edge device that accurately detects humans.

The truth dawned that there is no such camera systems that is both economical and accurate in detecting humans. We spent months to perfect our human detection system based on edge analytics with long days of machine learning.

Result – A SUCCESS: Finally, less than 10% false calls! Zero false negatives! Our monitoring center was delighted. (Accurate solution with financial viability)

Then, Along came the spider: During this final experiment, a spider decides to make its home on the camera lens. And, lo behold camera just focused on the spider! And then nothing, absolutely nothing works! ? We then devised a camera housing with a wiper that will regularly and automatically wipe it every 4 hours in areas prone to spiders.

This final very successful solution is now implemented in many sites across India.

If you want to know more of how you can implement this highly successful Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, please write to us at sales.factories@securens.in or call us at +91-22- 61799400. We may have already solved it for others. We will schedule a short 10-minute call with our experts and/or schedule a visit for discussions.