Unmonitored security systems are quite useless during an incident.

monitored security systems

Having a security system without central monitoring is insufficient to keep your premises safe. It provides less than 50% protection during an incident. Burglary will be successful and fire will continue to rage.

In an incident like a burglary, an unmonitored security system will sound an alarm and may be send you a SMS. Most burglaries happen between 1 am and 4 am in the morning. It is very unlikely that you would get up to see an SMS at this hour. A burglar would continue to burgle your pemises resulting in huge loss to you. Is this risk acceptable to your business?

In a fire, every moment counts. If there is fire, the fire will continue to rage. Without monitoring, by the time the smoke and flames can be seen by neighbours it is probably too late to save your goods. It’s a huge business risk that you can avoid.

An monitored Intrusion Alarm System connected to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station with the capability of Video Verification and 2-way audio provides full & complete protection.

If a burglary is detected, the Monitored Intrusion Alarm system will send this alert to Central Monitoring station. On receiving the alert, operators at Central Monitoring Station will perform Video-Verification of the site to access the threat if any. If any suspicious activities are noticed, the operators at the Central Monitoring Station will start a loud Siren and use 2-way audio to deter the attempted crime. At the same time the police station can be notified. Once notified, the police will send the nearest beat vehicle to the site. As mentioned most burglaries happen between 1 am and 4 am in the morning and in our experience of 6 years, the police beat vehicle has reached the site within 15 minutes of us reporting. This has prevented the burglary from happening.

Similarly, if a fire is detected, the Monitored Intrusion Alarm system will send this alert to Central Monitoring station. The operators at monitoring station will immediately call the nearest Fire Station. We have saved many sites from being consumed by fire by timely reporting and action by Fire Department.

Insurance is a poor substitute to the loss of business.

A Central Monitoring Station is the ‘always alert’ guardians of your site.

Choosing a Monitoring Company – 5 Questions to ask

Because the safety of your premises is at stake, you must make sure that the monitoring company that you are considering for service is the right one.

1. Do they perform Video Verification and 2-Way Audio? – Video Verification is critical to verify the incident and 2-Way audio is a deterrence measure.

2. How many sites do they monitor centrally and, for how many years? – Large number of sites being monitored for many years shows credibility and reliability of the company.

3. Who are their customers? – Have the large Brands trusted them? If so, they are reliable and you are in safe hands.

4. Are they a large National Player? – Always go with the Top 3 to be safe. Go with the number one to have complete peace of mind even if you have to pay a little bit more.

5. Can they give you references to check their services? – Reference check is always important.

If you are an owner of retail chain outlets or any kind business premises with high asset value, then you need to secure your outlet from risk of Burglary and Fire. To get the best protection against Burglary or Fire at economical costs, Email us at marketing@securens.in to get a white paper on how the monitored surveillance can help your business.

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