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Securens is an Enterprise IoT company providing SaaS-based E-Surveillance products and services, including business intelligence and analytics. Securens masters in Protecting Assets and Information. It believes that from securing the network to safeguarding assets, corporates must protect themselves against both, external and internal threats.

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Burglary ATM Incident report



Enterprise App

A feature-rich Mobile App that equips you to monitor your outlets on the move. Available on Android and iOS

Enterprise comperhensive analytics data


Live site images

Live Site Images

Enterprise alert system


Comprehensive Analytics that enable you to make informed decisions.

Enterprise weekly comperhensive analytic Enterprise live site images Enterprise alert prevent crime


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Why choose Securens as your eSurveillance partner?

August 28, 2018

In the age of information, data is king. And any company that can help in mining this data and converting it into actionable information is going to be in business for a long time..

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