5 Steps for Superior Premises Safety

Premises security

Have you ever had the thought that someone is robbing your goods? Have you ever found out during physical audit that inventories don’t match?

If so, you are not alone. Employees restore to theft in many ways. Some simple, some brazen.

I will limit this article to securing your premises using active e-surveillance in such a way that you can considerably reduce the chances of theft.

A warehouse must be organized. In a disorganized warehouse, no measure of security can help you.

What is not monitored is not detected and what is not detected cannot be deterred.

Lets begin with 5 things you need to do immediately and why:

Step 1: Install CCTVs inside the warehouse taking care to eliminate any blind spots.

Cover all entrances and exits. Visible CCTV cameras not only deter criminals but also provide forensic evidence of the theft. Don’t skim on CCTVs. It will defeat the very purpose. It will put to waste the investments in CCTV. Have surveillance professional plot the cameras on your layout. They are experts. They will ensure that there are no blind spots that could be used for theft. The people who indulge in theft are also experts. Do remember this.

Step 2: Ensure that any tampering of CCTVs will be immediately alerted

Ensure that the CCTVs are always working and not tampered with. Take care of its Health. CCTVs have been sprayed, angles changed, wires cut etc. You need to know immediately when this happens. Ensure that the DVR/NVR is secured from any tampering and is consistently recording. Get immediate alerts when recording stops or Hard-disk fails. Technology is now available to alert you immediately when any of the above happens.

Step 3: Install CCTVs around your warehouse to detect intrusion

This is for intrusion detection and deterrence measure. Nighttime is attractive for burglary. Your warehouse can be opened, burgled at night even with the presence or sometimes with the connivance of the guards. Guards are unreliable, inefficient and expensive. You know it. Hence adopt technology of ‘Perimeter Intrusion systems’ that will not only increase the efficiency of your security but will also save your security costs. Bringing in technology always increases efficiency and reduces costs. The incredibly effective Perimeter intrusion systems are all about reliable detection, Video verification, Lights and Sound to create awe and fear. It has a great RoI and will pay for itself.

Step 4: Random e-Audit of the Loading and warehouse operations

Here, you follow on with your initiatives to show that you are also actively monitoring. This becomes a huge deterrent. Loading and unloading are key points of pilferages. Four times in a month, you perform an in-camera audit of the entitre days operations to spot any suspicious activities, loopholes and also to check compliance of your critical SoPs. You would be pleasantly surprised by whats going on that you didn’t know off.

Step 5: Schedule an in-camera virtual Guard Patrol at least twice a day.

This is where you take monitoring to the highest level. This becomes the biggest deterrent. The In-camera Guard Patrol would indicate to employees the seriousness of monitoring by the management. When they know that are being actively watched every day, they would be on the best of behaviour and and seriously following SoPs every day. Imagine the difference it could make to your operations!

These simple 5 steps would help stop many of the key avenues of pilferages. It guarantees substantial reduction of employee thefts.

Many of these functions can be outsourced to e-surveillance professionals or can be set-up in-house. Its more economical than you think. It will give you peace of mind.