Employee Engagement is more than just happy workers – here’s why

Employee engagement


Think of an activity you really enjoy doing – it could be playing a sport, talking to your children, spending time with family or friends – what do all these activities have in common? Enjoyment, yes but more importantly, engagement. When you are engaged in an activity, you do that activity with a fervour and purpose that is hard to imitate.

Just like engagement is important in personal life, it has a major role to play in an organization as well.


Yes an engaged workforce leads to a happy and motivated workforce but the benefits of employee engagement go beyond simple happiness. How does it affect your business? An engaged workforce is proven to:

  1. Reduce employee turnover
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Work towards retaining and delighting customers
  4. Better profits and revenues

One of the major risk factors for any organization is to retain talented, well-performing and hardworking employees. And it is these employees who interact with customers on a daily basis. Investing in your employees is one of the smartest things organizations can do today.


Here are some activities that Securens has tried:

  1. Reward and recognition: One of our best performing employees was made head of the department for a day as a means to not only recognize his potential but to also encourage him to reach for the stars
  2. Celebrate together: We always make it a point to celebrate all festivals together. And every employee participates – whether it is Maharashtra day, Christmas, Eid or Diwali
  3. Team building exercises: We recently had full days dedicated to fun activities that helped in breaking the ice between team members and to inculcate a spirit of constructive competition

It is easy to come by personnel who are ready to work for you but difficult to find people who are ready to invest in your vision. And that can only happen if you as an organization invest in them.