Bringing logistics and warehousing to a new level with smart surveillance

Warehouse Surveillance Systems in India
To understand the concept of Smart Surveillance and how it radically transforms the level of security for your logistics and warehouse requirements, we must first understand what “Smart” means here.  It is basically, leveraging advanced tools such as Artificial Intelligence and integrating them into your security measures to meet the rapidly changing security and operational requirements of modern logistics and warehouse facilities. These smart surveillance measures come in the form of IoT (Internet of Things) that allows you to safeguard your facilities at your fingertips. Take a look at some examples of how IoT can utilize Surveillance Camera Systems to turn them into smart security cameras and make the work of warehouse managers comparatively easier than before. A) Security: Modern Warehouse Surveillance Systems like Video Security Systems come integrated with intelligent software algorithms to help them analyze live video footage from the camera. Such technology can be used to distinguish Intrusions thus minimizing losses. B) Enhance operations and logistics within the warehouse: Logistic hubs are gigantic in size and it is practically impossible for someone to keep an eye out for all the processes going on with plenty of warehouses simultaneously. Here is where the use of technology comes into play. A neat combination of video analytics with computer vision means a higher level of automation and less manual work to keep a track of every nook and corner of your warehouses and what goes on within them. To manage the entry and exit of authorized vehicles within the limits of your warehouse, security cameras at the entry/exit points can be equipped with a technology like license plate recognition whereby the number plates of the vehicles are scanned via the cameras and if it matches the number in the database, the vehicle is given green light to pass through. Many times it is found out that SoPs of loading and unloading operations are not followed. This leads to breakages and pilferages. Here, Video Analytics can check SoPs and alert the manager immediately on detection of non-compliance.