How Smart Surveillance Brings Logistics and Warehousing to a New Level?

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Warehouse security

Latest advancements in technology have already disrupted production, marketing, sales, distribution and transportation. Optimizing logistics and warehousing according to the changing trend is imperative because it plays a decisive role in the success of a business. Smart surveillance has proven to be the key in keeping up with this disruption.

Smart warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance can help drive efficiency, lower the cost of operations, and improve safety and security of the employees as well as the goods.

Traditionally, warehouse security has been at the mercy of inefficient security guards and businesses have been required to allot a major part of their revenues towards Security Guards in order to secure large warehouses. Losses such as theft, pilferage, fire, floods, product damage/leakage and noncompliance have been a part and parcel of warehouse maintenance. Cutting into these expenses can help organizations to have a competitive edge and improve their profitability.

There are a lot of security, safety and operational challenges which can be minimized by integrating e-surveillance technology. It can proactively be deployed along with security guards to prevent and deter any damage, theft, vandalism or any other losses.

E-Surveillance Security Systems not only safeguards your business assets but it also helps in enhancing business operations and improves production efficiency.

Let’s walk through on how smart surveillance can take care of various challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Safety from fire: Installing CCTVs, sensors, fire suppression systems, smoke detectors/alarm and 24/7 monitoring can safeguard your premises from fire.

Enhanced security and safety: Continuous movement of goods requires constant monitoring. Warehouses are mostly packed with stored goods. CCTVs can help in monitoring each and every movement of visitors, employees and vehicles and maintain proper logistics.

Keep a close eye on employees: Theft by employees is a major cause of concern for business owners, especially goods kept in large warehouses. Video surveillance systems, intruder alarms, controlled access allows you to have a bird’s eye view on activities of all of your employees.

Efficient handling of hazardous substances: Best warehouse security system with smart video surveillance allows you to constantly monitor areas where hazardous substances are stored. Also, smart surveillance allows you to grant controlled access to such areas and monitor whether employees are strictly following the safety norms required to handle such goods.

Enhanced warehouse operations: It’s impossible for the operation managers to be physically present at each and every location and keep an eye on all the processes. But with CCTVs with video analytics, you can keep track of each and every function and reach every nook and corners of the warehouse ensuring improved production efficiency and safety.

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