Detecting and rectifying non-compliance SOP through E-surveillance

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Smooth functioning of tasks like loading and unloading of trucks requires processes. A well-defined process becomes useless, however, if you don’t check and audit if it is being followed

An audit of your operation process is thus needed to pinpoint deviations in operations and compliance to help you take corrective action.

Our approach

ACTIAUDIT by Securens is a tool that improves efficiency substantially by detecting and correcting non-compliances.

For example, truck loading and unloading is a daily activity in warehouses. Hence SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are created to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance.

How does it work?

Step 1: Define SOPs

SOPs for loading and unloading include:

  1. Checking if boxes are being mishandled
  2. Presence of Supervisor during loading and unloading
  3. Checking if all boxes are packed while unloading and reporting if any box is unpacked
  4. Checking if there is any pilferage activity
  5. Usage of proper equipment during loading and unloading

Other parameters include:

  1. Check if warehouse opens and closes on time

Step 2: Audit

  1. The loading and unloading operations at your Warehouse are covered by cameras which are connected to the Securens Command Centre
  2. An entire day’s video of your warehouse is scrutinised to check the adherence to SOPs. This process can be conducted two times per dock (DC) or more, per month
  3. The results with video evidence of non-compliance are sent to your mobile dashboard
  4. While auditing, we also inform if we find any improper activity

Step 3: Corrective Action

Securens’ ACTIAUDIT detects and reports non-compliance, placing you at a vantage point, thus empowering you to take corrective actions and substantially improve your processes.

Do you need a warehouse to use ACTIAUDIT?

Not at all! ACTIAUDIT works for large stores, food & beverage outlets, retail shops, banks, warehouses, and more. It can be used to scrutinise processes or day-based events to check adherence to brand SOPs. Imagine the improvement you can have. Imagine the value this gives to your brand!