One Incident where you don’t get footage, you are blamed!

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Most of the CSOs I met ask “How can I come to know that my CCTV is not working?!” Wherever I go and whomever I meet regarding security, one of the very first questions I get is “How can I come to know that my CCTV is not working?!”Just one incident and everything is questioned.  Frustration is evident when an incident happens and there is no camera footage! Murphy’s law raises its ugly head one time too many.

Being in the field of Security, I emphasize with Security officers.  I have seen them working in close quarters and their job is incredibly difficult.  Requires a tough disciplined life with being alert and on call 24/7.  Not easy at all.

Depending on a guard to report a camera not working has failed.  It just does not happen.

Now, there is technology that has come to the rescue of CSOs.  Most OEMs or 3rd party surveillance vendors can give you technology or service that will alert you when a camera goes down or a DVR/NVR stops recording.  This is generically called as ‘Health Check-Up’.  This is critical and every CSO must ensure that their organizations have it.

Most OEMs have email alert from DVR/NVR that I did not find to be user friendly.  Email alerts get lost in the many emails you get.

With some OEM there is software that connects to all cameras and DVRs to regularly check the health of the equipment.   I know that #hikvision has a lovely software that does that and we use that with our own software that is enabled with a Mobile APP.  Mobile APP enabled detailed alerts are the best.

Talk to your vendors, there are more than one solution out there with probably every OEM.  If not, time to change OEMs ?

I am providing you with a start. Many different solutions are available.

Use the comment line below to ask me a question and I’ll try to find an answer for you.

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Watch this space for the next in the series of common questions on frustrating problem.