Yes! Supercharge your Security CCTV ROI!

Supercharge your Security CCTV ROI cover

Gone are the days when CCTV was being used only for security.  Gone are the days when analytics required a dedicated CCTV. This is the age of 2-in-1.  More bang for your buck!

You have a camera at entrance of your retail outlet.  The same camera can detect intrusion at night and provide you with valuable analytics data during the day! At nighttime, it will alert in case intrusion is detected.  In morning, it will give you various useful analytics data like number of people visiting the store, the gender of the persons and also if they were happy when they left your store.

You have a forensic camera at your PoS Counter.  The same camera will also alert you when its not manned.

You have a forensic camera 1 at your plant.  The same camera will also alert you when some one is not wearing safety helmet.

You have a forensic camera 2 at your plant.  This camera will also detect undesirable rise in temperature and save you from fire and protect your expensive machinery.

You have a forensic camera in kitchen area at your QSR or F&B.  The same camera will also alert you when some one is not wearing headgear.

These are some few examples. However, there are much more that can be done for your business based on your specific needs. Retailers, Warehouse companies, Factories, F&B and QSRs and other business can take advantage of Multi-tasking CCTVs.

Any kind of business you have, you can multi-purpose your security CCTV.  Imagine the RoI!  Why waste costly resources on one thing when you can multi-purpose??  Doesn’t make sense does it?

If you are a business premises concerned with costs of security CCTVs, Email us at to fix an appointment or call with our experts to learn how you can multi-task your CCTVs for your unique business.