Safety at School

Safety at school

A child spends about six to seven hours of his waking time in school. A student expects he or she will be safe in the school premises. Parents expect their child will come to no harm while he/she is in school. Teachers expect that they will only need to worry about teaching and learning – not the safety of their pupils.

Everyone expects a school to be safe.

The need

For a school, safeguarding children, teachers and staff is a primary concern. With increasing cases of violence against children, abuse, unauthorized entry, bullying, and vandalism, surveillance has become the need of the hour for any school to ensure their wards are safe.


A properly installed surveillance system:

  1. Ensures proper measures are taken in case an incident occurs
  2. Deters future incidents
  3. Discourages and reduces misbehaviour
  4. Controls visitor access
  5. Monitors students, teachers and staff
  6. Improves productivity

The approach

Surveillance is a crucial tool for safety at school. Just as parents trust a school to keep their child safe, trust Securens to help keep your school safe.

Our e-surveillance solution for safer schools is a three-step approach:

  1. Survey the school premises and install adequate CCTVs to ensure there are no blind spots
  2. Monitor premises using the installed CCTVs to detect and deter any suspicious activities in real-time using hooter
  3. Audit feeds to detect inefficiencies or suspicious incidents

Why us?

What do you get if you choose the Securens approach?

  1. A unique three-step approach to safer schools with e-surveillance
  2. Hassle-free solutions with a monthly service charge
  3. No capital investment
  4. Partnering with the market leader that has the trust of the top banks in the country