Why choose Securens as your eSurveillance partner?

E Serveillance Company

In the age of information, data is king. And any company that can help in mining this data and converting it into actionable information is going to be in business for a long time. The eSurveillance industry is no different. The amount of data collected via video surveillance is enormous and the need for reliable video analytics is growing.

The video data collected can be used to:

  1. Identify criminals
  2. Deter crimes and control access
  3. Monitor at-risk premises
  4. Manage customer experience
  5. Measure the success of promotional activities for retail outlets
  6. Secure ATMs, branches, gold loan branches, etc.
  7. Measure and maintain brand SOPs

Observing the wide range of ways in which video surveillance can be used, it is important to find an eSurveillance partner who is reliable, trustworthy and can deliver bespoke services and support as your business grows. And if all of this comes at a cost that is extremely competitive, who wouldn’t want to partner with them across India?

Why choose Securens?

Being in the business for more than five years with stalwarts at the helm steering this eSurveillance ship, we have in-depth understanding of what our clients need. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We have customised solutions designed to address every safety concern.

We believe in disruption and innovation, as sincerely, as we believe in the people who we choose to work with. We are constantly working towards bettering our offerings, learning from our customers, anticipating their needs and providing tailored solutions that go beyond a simple detection of a crime. Our unique Active Monitoring Services deters crime and damage to property by integrating alarm technology with on-site surveillance systems. This enables the use of video verification and 2-way voice systems to actively deter an incident.

Securens’ award winning eSurveillance solutions can be integrated with any sector i.e. BFSI, Hospitality & F&B outlets, Retail chains, Warehouses, Logistics, Large premises etc.

Avoid the high cost of inefficient security guards and improve the safety of your business, its assets and information with Securens – India’s highly acclaimed eSurveillance company.

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