Hiring Electrical Service Engineers with 1-Year exp. of CCTV/DVR for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. On The Spot Offers! Contact Souhel at 022-61799479/ careers@securens.in


Foster innovation, zoom-in to growth, challenge the challenges and a workplace you will love! Come, explore the world of Securens!

Securens is a place which is filled with zealous energy, with endless opportunities for learning and progress, where talented people receive recognition and respect, where innovation is a way of life, where young people have fun at work. That’s Securens – the workplace to be!

We are young, dynamic, vibrant and passionate people with a desire & undying spirit to achieve success in customer delight .

We believe that "Nothing is impossible when you believe!"

Imagine this!

Everybody breeds success

We believe in meritocracy . We hire, reward and promote the best people, solely based on merit and exponential performance.

You not only learn, you develop.

We provide exponential learning that nurtures employees both personally and professionally.

Spirit of Equality

Here, everyone is equal, everyone is a leader, because we empower them to be so. Our employees are riding on waves of success.

Employee First!

At Securens, there’s one common thing that you’ll observe, happy faces all around! Wish to know why? Because here, we care about our people. We constantly take feedback from our team.

Our world of disruptive innovation is for those who are ready to accept challenges and win every day, those who are go-getters and ready to excel in their career.

Fast-track careers are made here

We provide all the necessary encouragement, support and learning opportunities to turn ordinary people into extraordinary performers!

Securens makes you BELONG!

Our leadership team is accessible, there is free flow of communication and 100 % transparency, and our employees are encouraged to speak fearlessly, share creative & innovative ideas. We continuously foster our relationships with our people. We have a positive, upbeat, fast-paced, dynamic and people centric environment.

If you want to work with a winning team who genuinely love what they do, then call US and become a part of a place that is ever evolving and ever innovating.


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Securens bags the 'Best Use of Technology in Hiring' award.

at TalQuest 2018.


Securens bags the 'Best Use of Technology for Recruitment' award.

at HR Tech Conference Awards – The Future of World at Work hosted by WORLD HRD Congress


Securens bags the 'Innovation in Recruitment' award.

at TALQUEST 2016


Securens bags the 'Best Company to work for' award.

at The Golden Globe Tigers 2018


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